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My cute little bunny purse came in ^~^ i  did over a month of waiting
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OH MY GOD! So I was in the target with my little sister and came across this. I honestly dont even know what to say.
The attack on white women in America must be stopped. Everyday we are made to feel as though we are less than, ugly and should hate ourselves. We are encouraged to get collengin impants in our lips, breast implants and butt injections to to have black features. 
Today my little sister even told me, “Ashley, I want to be a black girl.” Do you know how that made me feel?!?!?!?!?!? I felt like I failed her. 
The media wants white women to be ashamed of themselves. And it is time to stop that. Everywhere I turn, i see black women stealing white men, like thieves in the night. I dont mean to be racist but honestly sometimes I wish we could go back to segregation.
I went on twitter to see what others were thinking and I even realized that most people saying she was ugly were INDEED black men! How am I to believe black women are beautiful if their own men dont. 
Im so upset, my little sister asked my dad if she could go tanning the other day and he just walked out of the room. What is America coming too? Why is the assault on my face, body, lips, eyes and skin so harsh?
If you ask me, most beautiful should have went to either Jennifer Lawrence or Anna Kendrick, not because their white but because physically they are stunning.

this post lmao
y’all look at this
look at what Lupita has done


Lol white girls can’t feel good about themselves unless they are standing on the backs of black women. It’s pretty pathetic. FYI, we know you secretly think we are a threat. You are literally not as beautiful as y’all think, because if it was true, you wouldn’t need to shit on us 24/7 just for your egos.

Ok but it didn’t go to either of them because Lupita was badder than them. No POC encourages White people to get lip injections or be blacker homegirl. That yo people who do that. Yo people.


i promise you not all white girls are like this.
Lupita is fucking perfect, but im not over here saying that its her fault i hate myself. lol. 
every skin tone is beautiful.i do not think of any skin tone as a threat? 
i was taught to not see skin tone, but how people act.
any white girl who thinks they are better than a black girl needs to fuck off.
all girls are fucking equal. 
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Madison Headrick in “Red Crush” by Kai Z Feng for Harper’s Bazaar China, April 2014 
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But still I am.
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But I’m A Cheerleader (1999)
Bobblehead Bunny