I’m sorry

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Kiss me
Anonymous: ☄: smutting yuh nasteh


"Maddie, is that you? Get off of anon and just tell me."

Surprisingly no

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It’s funny how I can hold balloons and still look super moody.
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I have 0 faith in anyone.
I just hope for the best in everyone.
I’m not sure if I fully trust anyone anymore. Maybe, depending on your definition of trust.
I have friends I love, but no one knows everything anymore, because I stopped opening up.
After losing my two best friends, and my boyfriend of a year and a half, I stopped really trusting people.
There’s like 4 people that I trust, but not even with everything.
“Those you trust will hurt you badly, something now I’m sure you see, so drown your tears in me,my dear, as you drown, my dear, in me.”
Everyone I trust, I know they will hurt me, or have hurt me. But to forgive is to love.
Always expect the worst.
Understand that people will hurt you, but that does not make them bad people.
It’s okay to be angry with them, just don’t hold the fact that they are human over their heads , you must learn to forgive.
People make mistakes.
People have moments of pure, selfish, and weak stupidity.
We have all hurt people we care about.
Every one of us.
I have learned that you will stop loving them and you will start controlling them if you hold their mistakes over their heads.

But don’t think I’m saying to allow people to push you over. Fuck anyone who hurts you to the point of where you hate yourself for their own actions.

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